Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This is more like it!

October sure restored TheRaven's Mega-Melt Enthusiasm!

As you might recall, April set a new all-time record and May nearly set another one. This promising one-two punch was followed by solid but, quite frankly, unspectacular CO2 growth in June through September.

Hello, October!

CO2 jumped an impressive +2.88ppm over October 2009, the second-highest October increase in the history of Muana Loa data! Perhaps equally impressive, October 2010 recorded the 16th highest annual increase of any month over the past 52 years.

If global ice melt were the Olympics, 2010 has shaped up as a fairly decent year. In the harbinger competition, 2010 has won a gold (April),a silver (October) and a bronze (May). We'll just overlook the disappointing stretch from June through September.

Your Mega-Melt Enthusiast is back, with a vengeance!

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