Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mega Melt Enthusiast

CO2 isn't the only made-man agent of ice destruction, but NOAA's Muana Loa observatory has been recording and publishing monthly CO2 levels since 1958. That's a great data set for advancing my new role as a ....

Mega-Melt Enthusiast!

We're not talking about some fast food concoction. Nope, this is the real deal, the defining event of the 21st century, unfolding in real time for everyone but our elected Republican politicians. TheRaven says: stop worrying about government gridlock and embrace the rising seas.

CO2 levels are simply the harbinger of the inexorable loss of all surface ice. Rising temperatures follow rising CO2 and rising seas follow rising temps. CO2 hasn't been this high in the past 15-30 million years and, when it was, Earth was much warmer, there was very little surface ice and Hollywood didn't need CGI to conjure up gigantic reptiles.

It's possible that CO2 has never risen so much in such a short time span, except for that unfortunate accident 65 million years ago that ended the careers of a few dinosaurs.This blog is a guide to your future. Enjoy the ride.


TheRaven has a bit of catching up to do. This post will cover July 2010 and the next three will bring us current with October. You know the drill: CO2 levels rise in summer and fall in winter. This isolating cycle has marched steadily higher for the past 50+ years and has greatly accelerated over the same period. The rate of average annual increase roughly tripled between 1960 and 2000. The Great American Banking Disaster, which put the developed world's economy into a tailspin,  didn't put a scratch in CO2 growth. 

TheRaven is on an enthusiastic hunt for new monthly records, defined as new highs in year-over-year CO2 growth. Sadly, July was a disappointment. July 2010 saw +2.29ppm CO2 increase vs. July 2009. This puts July 2010 pretty far outside the Top-30 increases seen over the entire data series. The July 2010 increase was modestly higher than trailing 5-year average.

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