Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cory Booker for President, 2020

Fourteen months before Newark, NJ saw its first homicide-free month in the living memory of most of its citizens, a newspaper decoded the driving force behind what has become the remarkable turnaround of one of America's most compromised cities. It's the kind of everyday reporting we see with growing infrequency. The name of this newspaper says as much about Cory Booker's growing reputation as it provides unwitting commentary on the sad state of American journalism: it's The Guardian.

Here's the the piece: http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2009/feb/08/democrats

This was no surprise to TheRaven, who routinely visited The Guardian during the last Presidential campaign for clear-eyed commentary. TheRaven sees a gubernatorial term in Mr. Booker's future, followed by a run for President in 2020. Mr. Booker recently gained a bit of notoriety for his smack-down of Conan O'Brien, after the former talk show host took a late night shot at Newark's healthcare situation. Mr. Booker's video rejoinder is simply priceless. They eventually made up and Conan donated to Newark's cause. Shades of pro wrestling, where everyone wins and in this case, it was all in good fun. Mr. Booker's background answers an increasingly nagging question: who in the current political landscape could possibly equal Barack Obama?

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