Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jerry's comeuppance?

NFL news this past weekend recalls an old saying about love and war. Jessica Simpson has made a career out of organic dumbness married to blonde hair dye. She was too dumb for a Tony Romo, which recalls another old saying about scorned women.

Tony got crunched by his arch-foes from New York. His injury tops the list of things quarterbacks really don't want to think about. Tony will be out for at least half of the remaining season.

It falls to his 38-year old, journeyman backup, Jon Kitna, to resurrect the Cowboy's season. I watched Kitna play in Cincinnati. Television somewhat masks a weak-armed quarterback. Sitting in the stadium it was obvious that, at least in his ability to throw the ball, Kitna wouldn't qualify as a good high school quarterback. Yes, this was during the Bengal's darkest hours, when the proletariat wanted Mike Brown's head on a pike. Brown saved his skin with an inspired choice for head coach and by drafting Carson Palmer. Kitna eventually went off to Detroit, where, yes, he won a few games and set a club passing record. Said record says more about the Lions, than of Kitna.

That Kitna ended up on the Cowboys roster is another indictment of Jerry Jones. Perhaps he and Al Davis have the same astrologer. Or, embalmer. I give Kitna credit for perseverance. This oft-injured, perennial free agent has drawn NFL paychecks for over a decade. That's a lot more than the vast majority of NFL players, past, present or future, will ever see.

He may have learned the art of a career backup since leaving Cincinnati. Kerry Collins is a good example of someone who profited from painful experience. He knows not to press past his limitations. Kitna blew many games trying to make something happen, a tough task when no DB in the league respects the velocity you can put on the ball. Or, ability to make good decisions while pressured. At least Kitna has sufficient reserves of painful experience.

I think Kitna will further expose Jones' folly. He's no improvisation artist. Unlike Romo, he lacks skills necessary to overcome a deficient offensive line, like being able to pass effectively while on the run. Jones now risks the ultimate comeuppance, the possibility that the first all-New York Superbowl will be played in his brand-new stadium.

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