Thursday, June 17, 2010

False idol

God doesn't approve of false idols, graven images, etc. The bible says so. It is therefore very funny to see God express her wrath with a lightning bolt straight to Touchdown Jesus plastic heart. 'Ole TDJ really didn't hang around very long.  Here a shot taken about eight months before his epic demise.

The Solid Rock Baptist Church erected the half-torso statue in 2004. Nashville artist Brad Coriell built the statue using plastic, foam and fiberglass over a metal frame. The church appears behind Jesus and is located between Cincinnati and Dayton, on the north-bound side of interstate 75. The plastic Jesus was 62 feet tall, measured from the waist. Turns out TheRaven isn't alone in thinking this statue was ridiculous. Controversy and confrontation in the Solid Rock congregation has erupted since its demise.

The next picture shows the depth's of God's wrath. TheRaven is not at all surprised at God's timing, given our real-time oily disaster in the gulf and that most of the Solid Rock Jesus came from oil. Joe Barton better shut his pie hole or God might level the Texas 6th congressional district. If Barton keeps up his corporate kowtow, she'll make the Solid Rock Effigy look like a marshmallow roast.

INRI represents "Iesvs Nazarenvs Rex Ivdaeorvm" and is explained here.

1st picture: TheRaven
2nd picture: Cincinnati Inquirer

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  1. I was having a crappy day... until I read this post.