Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Be A Loon

Norman Leboon was arrested for threatening to kill House Minority Whip Eric Cantor. You knew that and may have seen comments by members of the Masses of Asses Serving Terribly Egregious Republican Bigots Against Taxing Excess (MASTERBATE) movement, blaming Be-a-Loon's actions on the Left's "climate of hate". So that's why Be-a-Loon threatened to kill a Republican?

TheRaven recognizes an affidavit as comedic art when one comes along. Once again, the media missed all the good stuff. It seems in the threat-o-gram he posted on YouTube, Be-a-Loon referred to Mrs. Cantor as a "...cupcake evil wife.." and when interviewed by the FBI, claimed he is "son of the god of Enoch". We'll get back to cupcake evil.

One Google search revealed that Be-a-Loon could be related to a deity of the Enoch Pratt Library, Enoch, Utah or the Book of Enoch. Oops! Seems like one minor fool and a Google search kicked the lid off Pandora's Box of Bible Prophets and Don Koenig appears to be the Googliest prophet of them all. He of fame claims "30 years of study on bible prophecy" and says the Book of Enoch is "The most successful, enduring and damaging cover-up of “The Truth” about our planet’s frequent visitors".


From a Philadelphia affidavit to aliens in one Google search! Makes that famous documentary, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, look like a boy scout hike. Let's see what else Don the Prophet has to say about Enoch's Big Book......

"The Book of Enoch comes up now and then in Bible prophecy. So you might want to be aware of the arguments presented in and about this book. You have to be very careful here because some people will use the Book of Enoch for actually proving that Aliens exist. Alien Resistance and other Christian websites like them say that these beings will be nothing more than fallen Angels setting us up for great deception."

Great deception, you say? Where would we be without Don Koenig protecting the innocent from those who would misuse.....hold on....did he say Alien Resistance? Is that a Christian thing? Crap! Another thing we'll have to cover.

Don insightfully observes that "...the United Nations under the authority of Satan allowed the creation of Israel" and that the second-coming will occur between 2027-2041, with "95 percent statistical likelihood". Satan as Master of the United Nations seems like a notion that MASTERBATErs would heartily subscribe to. Don Koenig as a Prophetic Statistician is a notion that TheRaven can't quite comprehend. Aren't Prophets just supposed to know?

Those looking for uneducated Christian Right Ranting will not be disappointed by Don's blog. He's got the inside dope on the Council of Foreign Relations. Yeah.

Leave it to your American media to miss the Book of Enoch connection. It's as clear as Don Koenig is prophetic that Be-a-Loon has identified a new form of evil! Perhaps it's trans-national, could be trans-gender and it certainly has trans-fats. But exactly what kind of cupcakes could possibly emanate cupcake evil?

Obviously, alien cupcakes!!

Now go spread the word - the alien cupcake conspiracy is on!

(Alien Resistance covered in next post)

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